Pasciuto Sisters is a family-run business based in Asbury Park, NJ, a town that is well known for its music history and, more recently, its delicious food. Dana Pasciuto and husband Todd Gordon are passionate about living the good life - and believe that family, music, and good pizza are fuel for the soul. 

Like her town, Pasciuto Sister, Dana has roots in food and music. Father, Anthony Pasciuto was both a skilled cook and musician, meeting Dana’s mother, Pat while playing music on Asbury Park stages. 

Anyone that knows Dana knows that she’s always had a serious pizza crush, which has not been a passing fling, but perhaps true love. Her partner in pizza and life, Todd, is always willing to take a good time and push it a little further. Together, their mission is to take the perfect food and add a little fire, bringing the most common of pizza rituals to the next level. 

Now more than ever before, food and pizza obsession is a family affair… and we’d like to welcome you to the family. Indulge your pizza crush and turn up the heat with our specially selected pepper blends. 

Because life should be lived with passion… and, of course, a little spice.