Your Pizza Crush
Has a New Flame

For the love of flavor & fire

We are for the ❤️🍕pizza lovers🍕❤️ the pizza obsessed, the pizza passionate...
And passion doesn’t truly exist without heat.
So why pair your perfect pie with anything less than the best ingredients, flavor, and fire?



These three red pepper blends will have you falling in love. Spicy, Sweet, or Smoky, CRUSHN has a flavor for every fling.


Now that’s fire! This four pepper blend is guaranteed to bring the heat. Each pepper was specially selected for its spice and flavor to perfectly compliment your pizza and any dish that needs a little kick

Meet: Sweet

A little bit of spice and everything nice. This four pepper blend was specially selected to bring sweet heat and yummy flavor to your favorite pizza and other savory dishes.

Meet: Smoke

Holy smoke! This three pepper blend was specially crafted to bring you to the smokehouse, adding slow and serious heat to your pizza and favorite BBQ dishes.

Based on 38 reviews
The Bundle
Meghan Valand

the product(s) are fantastic - the packaging is great - and the service is amazing. Love this!

The Bundle
Steve Margosian

Best product ever...

The Bundle
Mihail Gorgiev
Amazing strong flavor that makes you crave for more

As someone who is always trying to replace spices for dressings this is a real game changer, they have such a strong and amazing flavor that i actually eat healthier then before!

Pasciuto Sisters CRUSHN™ Sweet
Laura Vella-geynisman
More than sweet

There is a subtle smoke to the sweetness - this is my go to when I want complex heat.

The Bundle
Paul Giza
Gimmie the Smoke!!

Loving the variety pack!! I never used to out pepper flakes on my pizza, now I do!
Also great on caprese salad!!
Buy now!!

Great on everything

Sweet is our favorite!

The Bundle
Jeremy Bloom
Amazing - love the product

I’ve put it on pizza, pasta, avocado toast, guac, soup, and roasted veggies…in just 1 week! It’s so good!

The Bundle
Delish and Crushn

Yes! I’ve used it in pizza but so much more. The sweet blend was delish in a homemade pineapple salsa. Get the bundle. You won’t be disappointed.

The Bundle
Patrick Rubin
Awesome Bundle!

I have now had my bundle (Smoky, Sweet, Spicy) in the mix for about two weeks and I can say it is way worth it! Each blend is really tasty and gives the home shelf great versatility to liven up your dishes. Highly recommend and the packaging is very cool - great for gifts!

The Bundle
Alexis Grabel
The best red pepper blend!

Not your usual red chili peeper flakes, CRUSHN is a blend of several peppers and spices, so it really brings the flavor! I love that they have the sweet and smoke blends as well. There’s a flavor for every palate. I use mine on pizza and roasted veggies.

Great topping for pizza/pasta!

Everyone in my family loves to add this to their pizza and pasta!

Best on the market

Best crushed peppers ive had, i get excited to use it every time i get pizza. Time to try the other ones!


Truly one of the most tastey seasoning's I have used. The product obviously goes great on pizza, but I have enjoyed experimenting with other dishes as well. I even used the sweet spice to create a hot honey butter for fresh bread. The bundle is great for a gift or to test out all their flavors. Give it a try!

Love it

Crushn has expanded my discoveries of its delightful uses. Not just on pizza. It brings life to many foods. Thanks for making it available to us.

Happy holidays

I bought this for my hubby for Christmas and he loves it! Thank you so much will definitely be making future purchases.

Great smoked flavor!

Excellent pepper flakes. Just hot enough to make your mouth tingle, but filled with great smokey flavor. Will order again!

The Bundle

I don’t know what magic they put in the stuff but I want to sprinkle it on literally everything!!!

The Bundle
Luvn Crushn

This is my second order, I LOVE it! Pizza will never be the same. They also make great gifts for the holidays but I'm reluctant to give mine away.

The Bundle
Not your Grandma's red pepper flakes...

Three distinct, unique and delicious flavors!
I loved the texture and taste of all three.

The Bundle
Daane w/ PNW SMOKE & BBQ

I am a huge red pepper flake fan and I have to tell you... the CRUSH'N crew knows how to do it right! The Original is perfection, but the Sweet and the Smoked is where it's at! So good and puts the best POW in my cooks! Highly recommend!

The Bundle
michael salz

Couldnt wait to have all three, so good

The Bundle
Destiny Spang
The UMPH for your za that every slice needs

Once you go CRUSHN you never go back. I had a slice the other day at friend's house and actually said out loud "awe man, they don't have our CRUSHN here." The only solution is to give it to all your friends for holiday gifts!

The Bundle
Steven Greenberg

Had the sweet peppers and loved thrm

Can’t stop CRUSHN!!

Sooo CRUSHN good…with 10 completely different peppers across 3 products, each one has its own unique and complex flavor profile - I love adding these to everything!

Stellar Product

Got the bundle figuring there would be a favorite but have found unique uses for each. (Sweet in eggs, original on avo toast, smoke In braised meat). Such a high quality product and running out of it faster than I would have expected